Senator Joe Cervantes Meets with AG Sessions, Border Sheriffs

LAS CRUCES – Senator Joseph Cervantes spent the day in Southern New Mexico, first meeting with local elected officials in Sunland Park, protesters who were against the Trump administration border policies and finally the Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition where Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke about immigration and border security today. The meeting took place as troops continue to deploy to the border on the President Donald Trump’s orders. The 4,000 National Guard members include 88 troops from New Mexico.

In response to the meeting and the sending of troops to the border, Senator Cervantes made the following statement.

“As someone born and raised in Dona Ana County, I know first hand that our border communities are safe, vibrant and diverse communities. As the Senator who represents this area of New Mexico, I have the experience of working within our borders communities to address the unique conditions of living along the border. We need to be working hand in hand with our southern neighbors in Mexico, to grow our economy, continue international trade and other economic development opportunities. I am opposed to militarizing our borders and will work with local officials to implement best practices, not outsiders from Washington D.C. We should not be caving to the misguided policies of the Trump administration like Governor Martinez has.

Sunland Park is one of the safest city in New Mexico because of the commitment and professionalism of our law enforcement community, but also due to the community values we collectively share in Southern New Mexico.

As is typical, Washington D.C. has failed to effectively address many issues surrounding immigration and our border and Congressman Pearce and Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham were nowhere to be found.”