Quality education, a strong and robust economy, access to affordable and efficient health care, an equal and inclusive social and political environment, and a focus on comprehensive public safety policies and initiatives are the foundation for increased and sustainable growth and success in New Mexico. Joe Cervantes has a consistent and proven track record in working to cultivate and encourage a strong economic foundation that encourages sustainable growth, addressing issues of transparency and accountability in government, strengthening public safety laws, and helping New Mexico realize it’s incredible potential. On day one, Joe’s focus will be on cultivating and strengthening these foundational elements for the sustainable progress of New Mexico:

Education is facing a crisis in New Mexico. Research suggests that cognitive skills and school enrollment are powerfully related to individual earnings, to the distribution of income, and to economic growth, yet New Mexico currently ranks last in education in the United States. Clearly, public education in our state has failed to provide our children and families with the high-quality education they deserve. I believe that what’s been missing in New Mexico is a sharp focus on the quality of the education we provide, administrative and government accountability, and support for our educators. A comprehensive system of high quality early education for children and their families is essential to their well-being and New Mexico’s future.

  • I’ll expand options for post-secondary education, like vocational programs and technical degrees, and seek out viable solutions for pursuing innovative ways to reduce college costs through refinancing options, cutting interest rates, and forgiving student loan debt for those start businesses that create and sustain positive impact on communities throughout the New Mexico. We support fully funded, free public education for every student from early childhood education through vocational and/or debt-free college education.
  • We’ll stop evaluating our teachers based on test scores, stop attaching teacher pay to test scores, and stop blaming our teachers for our social ills. I support the development of a more comprehensive teacher evaluation model that utilizes multiple indicators based on classroom and school evidence to ensure quality and engagement in the classroom.
  • We’ll eliminate A-F grading of schools. So far, the promises of grading schools on an A-F system have not been realized. A single-score school measurement has never accurately reflected the learning in our schools and serves to undervalue student growth and other important measures of school quality. Further, these scores don’t come with the necessary resources and financial support for schools to improve. The only thing these scores tell us is where the poor children go to school and where the rich children go to school and does nothing to account for poverty or budget cuts. The A-F grading system has not met any of our expectations.  It has harmed schools, students, and families. We need to move beyond the currently overly simplistic approach to education reform.  I voted against Hannah Skandera and many of the failed practices of the current PED and we’ll work to make our education system work for our children and all of New Mexico.
  • I will end Susana Martinez’ failed educational approach of over-testing our students and eliminate PAARC testing. Since the inception of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), we have been adding to the pile of standardized tests that our students must hurdle over. We overuse and over-emphasize standardized tests. PARCC only adds to the problem, with lost classroom time, exorbitant cost and high-stakes pressure on both students and teachers alike. But there is little, if any, evidence that this reliance on standardized tests is producing better outcomes for our students. PAARC testing has failed to accurately measure knowledge and don’t take into account other important factors: ability to navigate a computer; being tired/sick; having issues outside the classroom, poverty, etc. Too much of our teacher and classroom time is lost preparing and taking so many of these high-stakes standardized tests with very little for New Mexico to show in return. Testing is not teaching. Let teachers teach. It’s time to set our focus on student learning and work together with parents and families on methods to protect classroom instruction while insuring that our children, all our children, graduate from high schools with the tools they need to succeed.
  • We’ll develop and implement rigorous, world-class education programs that attract and develop skilled, motivated, passionate, and serious educators for New Mexico. And we’ll focus on retaining our best and brightest educators by making and keeping salaries and health care options competitive, offering and encouraging professional development, and supporting the rights of our teachers and parents to influence curriculum. We must return the teaching profession to a profession.  Our teacher education programs must be rigorous, innovative, and empowering.  Under my administration we will develop teaching programs that attract prospective teachers from across the state.  I will not allow teachers to be ignored once they enter the classroom. My platform calls for the development of teacher leader models as well as mentorship and continued education and certification.  I will increase the salary of all of New Mexico’s public school educators as well as return to the high-quality healthcare packages that we know have been an important incentive in attracting educators to New Mexico in the past.
  • We’ll fully support early childhood education by increasing Land Grant Permanent Fund distribution dollars to specifically support early childhood education in the state of New Mexico. And I’ll expand pre-kindergarten and oppose any efforts to voucherize or privatize our public schools.
  • We will focus on an increase STEM education, support intensive immersion programs in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and foreign languages for all students, support training programs around the state to prepare workers for solar and wind technology, installation and maintenance, and support vocational education throughout the state in our community colleges and other educational institutions while ensuring that arts and music are included within all public-school curricula across New Mexico. We need to invigorate and support community college education and other opportunities to ensure all citizens can be trained and certified to work in the evolving job markets of the future.
  • We’ll continue to invest in Public School Infrastructure, just as I did during the 2017 Legislative session with Senate Bill 262, and reform wasteful state spending and create a bipartisan committee working year-round to ensure funding effectively goes to investing in our New Mexico’s infrastructure.

It’s simple: we need to build an education system that works for the children and communities of New Mexico. When our education system is strong, we all do better.

New Mexico’s future and economic health rely on a vibrant and attractive private-sector. Starting on day one, we will prioritize and address the significant business challenges and circumstances that currently exist in the state, and I am committed to continually strive to alleviate and remove them for all of New Mexico. Since the recession of 2008, the U.S. economy has seen consistent recovery. Yet, while there have been some bright spots in New Mexico’s economy, economic trends in the state have continued to slip. New Mexico ranks last in national job growth, unemployment sits at over 6%, a quarter of our population lives below the poverty line, and we’re experiencing a widening gap between rural and urban economies.

As a small business owner, I know what works and I know that corporate tax cuts fail to create jobs. I proudly voted against the corporate tax break deal that Susana Martinez cut with Democratic leaders and I will always oppose any efforts to benefit out of state corporations at the expense of New Mexicans.
Improving job opportunities in our state begins with improving the training and resources of New Mexico’s workforce. Our education system and programs must collaborate with the New Mexico business community to connect what is being taught in our schools with the demands of the job market. The days of throwing money at large out-of-state corporations, begging them to create a few jobs in New Mexico, will end. Our focus will be on creating the next great American businesses right here at home, in New Mexico, and supporting our workforce.  We will build safe, vibrant communities that attract corporations and small businesses as well as developing our own.
Our best and only hope to ensure the growth and prosperity of the State of New Mexico pivots on a strong new approach, hard work, and an economic policy that promotes principles of greater equality and environmental responsibility. I know that we can realize our goals by working together and engaging in common-sense strategies to moving New Mexico forward.

  • We’ll create necessary job opportunities for all of New Mexico by coordinating state policies that invest in a clean energy economy, an efficient and effective educational system, solid infrastructure, attracting outside investments, improving public safety, continuing to develop and invest in New Mexico-based technologies, and a robust and efficient healthcare system.
  • We’ll develop exceptional vocational and technical education for a better trained workforce – an agile workforce prepared for the rapidly evolving marketplace. We know the value of workforce education programs in all regions of the state which includes investments in vocational education and training programs for all individuals interested in entering skilled trades, technical, and other hands-on careers.
  • We’ll improve the quality of New Mexico universities by collaborating with community leaders, businesses, unions and associations, and labs to drive development in programs, curricula, and industry.
  • We’re proud of the natural beauty and rich culture of our state and we’ll focus on investing resources for expanding and boosting our tourism and outdoor industries.
  • We’ll continue to expand our rapidly growing film industry by increasing the amount of production in New Mexico and creating innovative debt finance loan programs that allow for studio and sound stage production to expand.
  • We’ll collaborate with universities and communities to lead the nation in protecting our state parks and sacred lands.
  • Unhindered high-speed internet is a necessity for 21st century success in all sectors of the economy (including agriculture), social mobility, education, health care, and public safety in both urban and rural areas. Strong net neutrality rules are essential to permanently protect the rights of every person to equal, uninhibited access and distribution without a fee. Connectivity is key to opportunity, and New Mexicans rely heavily on their mobile phones to keep them connected. In fact, nearly 54% of our state’s households are wireless only, meaning they don’t have a home phone. For many families, their phones are their only means of access to the internet. That’s why it’s critically important that we have the infrastructure necessary to provide those families with fast and reliable wireless internet and why we support this legislation which encourages investment of that infrastructure. Expanding broadband infrastructure has the power to be transformative in that it could help reduce the digital divide by expanding high-speed broadband access to the many New Mexicans in our underserved communities. With that access will come new opportunities for economic development, education, and improved safety and healthcare.
  • We’ll end unfair corporate tax breaks that encourage companies to send jobs outside of New Mexico.
  • We will raise minimum wage to $15 hour by 2020.
  • We fully support businesses owned by women, people of color, and millennials and value hiring locally and will ensure 100% pay equity for women.
  • We’ll increase our state’s potential to position itself as a forerunner in renewable energy by requiring utilities to include renewables in new generating facilities, increasing the requirements for the percentage of renewable energy generation (Renewable Portfolio Standards), and reinstating the New Mexico solar energy tax credit.
  • That government, healthcare, retail, and food service sectors are vital components of the New Mexico economy and we will support them with friendly policies and be encouraged to hire locally.
  • We support direct job creation through investments in infrastructure and transportation projects and renewable energy projects.
  • We will support small business in New Mexico by promoting and guaranteeing low-interest small business loans and start-up grants to provide the seed capital to launch and expand job-creating businesses, supporting legislation that offers incentives for investing in technologies developed by New Mexicans, and implementing tax policies that provide a higher degree of equity including a fair self-employment tax rate and the elimination of tax loopholes that allow out-of-state corporations to benefit from preferences intended for small local businesses.
  • We will ensure proper and comprehensive consumer protections in New Mexico, and that means strong oversight and regulation of banks and other financial institutions.
  • We will support government, microloan, and assistance programs to help us meet the needs of high risk borrowers fairly and transparently and oppose predatory interest rates.
  • We will cultivate and implement programs that remove barriers and create a path to employment for the chronically unemployed including veterans, technologically displaced, homeless, people with disabilities, and youth.
  • We will cultivate, encourage and support buy-local initiatives in an effort to help drive and encourage local business activity and success.
  • We support giving the Taxation and Revenue Department the staffing and funding necessary to ensure that the severance tax and royalties due from oil and natural gas extraction are collected.
  • We will enhance New Mexico’s international economy by opening our markets with Mexico and other countries through direct flights, global promotion programs, and exports of energy technology services and aerospace. We’ll build and cultivate stronger relationships with Mexico so that we can ensure a healthy economic and community relationship.  We’ll respect and strengthen this relationship – let’s build community, not a wall.
  • We will support and develop training, education, and policies that encourage technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and science and technology-based small business creation in New Mexico in all types of innovation sectors, and that leverage the science and technology base of the universities and national labs in New Mexico.
  • We’ll enact programs and policies that enable New Mexicans to benefit from transformative technologies and scientific advancements (such as Artificial Intelligence, autonomy in the transportation industry, and adaptive manufacturing) while preparing workers to adapt to the technological displacement from these advancements.
  • We’ll develop and implement a statewide plan for land use and infrastructure growth.
  • We’ll work to protect communities from the impact of climate change and help them to mitigate its effects by incentivizing renewable energy utilities, prioritizing water use for human needs over industrial use, encouraging the reduction of residential and industrial water usage by providing sustainable water policies including aquifer protection, water-supply planning, consumptive water-use permitting, and protecting public health and safety by modernizing drinking and wastewater systems including technology to recycle water.

Crime, public safety, and an urgent need for criminal justice reform have long been top priorities for New Mexico, yet we have spent millions of dollars proposing and implementing strategies that have done nothing to significantly reduce crime and violence. Throughout the state, there are over 15,000 men and women in jail or prison. Overcrowded and financially strained correctional facilities are rife with inefficiencies that need urgent attention. And, while the economics of criminal justice reform are important, the more meaningful discussion is the devastation and inequities inflicted on families and communities by a broken system of mass incarceration – a system that hasn’t kept New Mexicans safe.

As a father, I’ve lost sleep over the safety of my daughters and my family in Albuquerque, where crime continues to be an epidemic. Statistics show that Albuquerque holds the highest violent crime rate in the country. Susana Martinez and the Republicans have failed to keep us safe. Throwing more money at locking people up is not working. Blaming judges and promoting the death penalty does not heal our communities. Three decades of crime policy have proven that throwing every person that breaks the law into prison is not a cure-all for crime. We need new ideas and approaches. Rather than following the same failing policies, let’s start by looking at what makes safe communities safe. I propose comprehensive, community-based crime reform.

We must fully fund our law enforcement to monitor our communities for comprehensive safety. And, while it’s important that we focus on the larger systemic and structural issues, we must ensure that the every-day crime which impacts so many New Mexicans – like break-ins and auto theft – isn’t forgotten about or left unchecked.

The frequency and severity of recent events involving gun violence in the United States and in our own state has demonstrated a need to immediately address gun violence in our country and in our communities. I believe that we should focus on a concerted and comprehensive solution to alleviating the gun epidemic. I grew up respecting the importance of gun safety and I am a strong proponent of responsible gun ownership and a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment, but we can respect the rights of responsible gun owners while also keeping our communities safe. We need a rational solution for the gun violence epidemic so that we can keep our communities safe and prevent further tragedies.

There is a shared responsibility between communities and law enforcement to make and keep our cities and our state safe, and we’ll emphasize and encourage bridging the gap between our communities and our law enforcement agencies. We must work together to ensure our futures.

  • Our criminal justice system must be properly funded and reformed to ensure swift and consistent penalties for crime, and address the backlog of our courts.
  • We’ll make decriminalization of marijuana a top priority.
  • We support the principles and best practices of the Community Policing model and will focus on putting more police on the streets with improved resources and training, with an emphasis on recruiting law enforcement from within communities.
  • We’ll increase salary and training to keep public defenders in rural communities
  • We fully support universal background checks for guns, the removal of guns from adjudicated mentally ill individuals, and allowing the court to take guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and criminals.
  • We recognize the opioid epidemic as a public health crisis and will ensure full funding to rehabilitation resources, providing access to effective, long-term recovery and rehabilitation programs throughout the state.
  • New Mexicans in prisons and jails must have opportunities for a real future in society. We will bring back job training and rehabilitation resources in our public and private prisons, and we’ll commit to funding for career education in our prisons. And we will no longer incentivize private prisons to keep people in their beds.
  • We’ll secure funding for community programs that keep our youth engaged in programs that enrich their lives and offer them alternatives to drug abuse and crime, in addition to strengthening and adequately fund diversion and treatment programs as alternatives to arrest and incarceration.
New Mexico is facing a glaring and immediate health care crisis. Geographically, New Mexico is the fifth largest state in the nation and the majority of our state is experiencing a massive shortage of primary care providers. Medicaid is one of the most critical components of our health care system with more than a third of New Mexicans enrolled in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Medicaid currently covers over 850 thousand New Mexicans and supports over 50 thousand healthcare jobs in the state which, if cut, would result in the closure of a number of health care facilities, particularly in rural areas where access to care is already difficult. If full Medicaid funding is not prioritized, the majority of those impacted by cuts will be the most vulnerable populations in our state – children, elderly, individuals with disabilities, and low-wage earners.

Overall, New Mexico’s poverty rate is higher than the national average at over 20% versus 13.5%, and is now the second highest in the nation, which disproportionately impacts communities of color in New Mexico, large portions of which live in substandard conditions. Poverty is the underlying and systemic factor in determining the health of our people and our economy and must be addressed. Everyone should have the same opportunities to lead a better life, regardless of circumstance, and that must include access to comprehensive, affordable, high-quality healthcare, behavioral health services, and reproductive care.

  • My plan is to pursue a federal waiver that allows individuals, families, and small businesses to use federal income tax credits and cost-sharing reductions to purchase coverage through our Medicaid managed care program, made available for purchase through the Insurance Exchange. Our Medicaid expansion approach works to expand our resources for mental health and rehabilitation throughout the state, reduce the overall costs to hospitals and individuals for uninsured care, and expand programs for preventative care throughout New Mexico, improving the health and lives of all New Mexicans.
  • We will fully restore funding and oversight for behavioral health facilities, funding for comprehensive programs for opioid and other drug rehabilitation and recovery programs while supporting a robust behavioral health care workforce, and promote better integration and coordination of the behavioral and primary health care systems.
  • We’ll address the nursing shortage in New Mexico and create programs to forgive student loans for nurses and provide college funding to develop next generation talent.
  • We’ll work to improve the quality, affordable comprehensive health care, evidence-based sex education and a full range of family planning services to help reduce the number of unintended pregnancies in New Mexico, as well as require autism coverage in state health care plans.
  • We will offer incentives for highly-qualified healthcare professionals to work in rural areas through increased pay, tax breaks and access to free training and education.
  • We will continue to support medical cannabis and decriminalization in the State of New Mexico.
  • We fully support fulfilling the Federal government’s obligation to fund all Indian Health care services.
  • We’ll pass strict laws to control drug prices such as ending delays that keep generic drugs off the market and allow individuals to purchase prescriptions from licensed drug pharmacies in other countries with appropriate safety protections. We believe that Congress should fully fund the FDA while providing oversight of that agency to ensure generic and foreign drug applications are reviewed according to science and the interests of citizens. Procedures for reviewing applications should be standardized, transparent and free from corporate lobbying.
  • We’ll restore and expand access to care for drug and alcohol addiction services, and require coverage by insurance companies. Additionally, invest in proven addiction recovery services and prevention services to combat our deadly opioid and methamphetamine crises, offering immediate treatment to all who need it and decriminalizing the medical condition known as addiction.
  • We fully support funding for Planned Parenthood who provides full and safe access to the entire spectrum of health options including safe and legal abortion, women’s cancer prevention, screening, and treatment, routine physical exams, vaccinations, and screenings for cholesterol, colon cancer, and diabetes.
New Mexico has the potential to become a national and global hub for technology, manufacturing and construction to join and accelerate the transition to clean energy as a means of protecting our beautiful state and the people that live here from the worst effects of climate change. Now, more than ever, New Mexico must take significant steps to develop lowest-cost long-term solutions to fossil fuels. The decline of the state’s coal industry is inevitable while the resources that could replace it are not. Renewable energy is not only the cheapest long-term solution, it’s also the wisest.
And, importantly, it’s what the people want. After years of serving as chair of the New Mexico Senate Conservation Committee I recognize that, although New Mexico became the largest oil and gas producer in the country last year, New Mexicans overwhelmingly acknowledge that our dependence on fossil fuels for energy and dependable revenue is dangerously short-sighted and we must begin to talk about transition to clean energy. I will work hard to strengthen our Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to encourage growth in renewable energy, which can then stimulate several thousand jobs in construction, operations, and maintenance.

  • We’ll develop a fully integrated renewable energy plan by 2020 that lays out mandatory benchmarks to accomplish the transition to 50% renewable energy by 2030, with a goal to reach 100% renewable energy utilization in New Mexico. And we’ll implement programs and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions more than 80 percent below 2005 levels and have 80% renewable electricity generation by 2035. And, importantly, we’ll ensure that all New Mexicans including landowners, communities of color, and affected tribal nations are honored and respected in the decision making and energy implementation process.
  • We do not support fracking and will support affected local communities and indigenous sovereign nations economically, as well as increase the power of localities to oppose fracking and mining. Our goal is to promote climate leadership and partnership at all levels of government including state and local while providing environmental education and access to the environmental legal protections directly within our disadvantaged communities, including communities comprised of our State’s poorest families, working class people, and people of color. We’ll work to create an economic model that demonstrates the revenue generating opportunities with an economy that transitions away from fracking and towards clean energy.
  • We’ll cut energy waste in New Mexico homes, schools, hospitals, and offices through energy efficiency programs, modernizing our electric grid, and making New Mexico manufacturing clean and efficient.
  • We’ll reinstate the New Mexico Renewable Energy Tax credit, transition tax breaks and subsidies from fossil fuel industries to renewable energy providers, and preferentially incentivize wind, solar, and other renewable energy over the development of new natural gas power plants.
  • We’ll invest in a statewide, solar & wind powered, and publicly accessible electric vehicle charging network, and construct new transmission lines to get low-cost renewable energy to market in a transparent and environmentally sound way.
  • We will require that the oil and gas industry must account for all water, from its origination source, the amount used and recovered, the quality of produced water, and where the water ultimately ends up and that produced water must meet surface and groundwater standards.
  • We’ll work to increase funding of the state Oil Conservation Division to adequately staff all offices with qualified personnel at a competitive salary to oversee drilled wells, witness and verify the integrity of all well bores, and enforce state and EPA regulations. We urge civic and public involvement and oversight of this process.
  • We support the protection and reclamation of New Mexico’s state land, public land, and natural resources from damage inflicted by extractive industries, and will work to ensure that our public lands remain public for all time. That includes protecting the Gila from diversion and supporting the protection and preservation of our National and State Parks, Forests, Monuments, World Heritage Sites, and Native American sacred sites.
  • We fully support the Endangered Species Act to protect threatened and endangered animals.
  • We support a state-level moratorium on the building, placement, or expansion of existing factory animal farms and will work to enlist farmers and ranchers as partners in promoting conservation and stewardship.

I have led the fight for transparency and cleaning up the corrupt old boy network in state government. I’ve successfully passed laws that opened the state budget process to the public, amended the State Constitution to assure greater qualifications for certain public officials, ensured Lottery profits are invested in college scholarships, protected whistleblowers who courageously come forward to expose government wrongdoing, and worked to end “pay-to-play.”

For too long, government in Santa Fe hasn’t worked for the people of New Mexico the way it should. Our government should be accountable to the people. Our hardworking families deserve a Governor and an administration that truly listens and works to understand everyday concerns and issues. New Mexicans deserve accountability and transparency in its elected officials. We’re currently experiencing a deep political rift in our nation and in New Mexico. Washington has shown us how politics shouldn’t work and it’s time we understand that government impacts the real lives of everyday New Mexicans – I’m tired of watching our people pay the price for irresponsible and partisan politics.

There are no easy solutions to the issues that New Mexico faces – it will take hard work. I have always fought for transparency in government and have supported ethics reforms in the legislature over the last ten years. Helping New Mexico realize it’s incredible potential requires a deep commitment, hard work, innovative solutions, and collaboration. I’m ready to create real responsibility and accountability in New Mexico government.

  • We will fight to broaden transparency and encourage accountability in campaign finance by fighting for reform, repealing laws that enable secret money in politics, overturning Citizens United and eliminate Super PACs in New Mexico Create competitive public campaign financing to stop the influence of big donors and special interest groups. We will require full and real-time disclosure of all hard money contributions in political and issue campaigns;
  • We’ll require full financial disclosure by all elected officials and paid lobbyists/consultants, and advocate for the creation of an independent ethics commission amendment to the NM constitution.
  • We’ll fight against voter suppression such as voter ID laws and limited polling sites, increase voter participation by expanding voting hours, the early voting period, and voting convenience center locations, and promote early voting, same-day registration, and automatic registration. And we’ll restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
  • We support the elimination of all superdelegates.
  • We support a constitutional amendment that would abolish the Electoral College,
  • We will actively work to put an end to gerrymandering by creating and giving authority to an independent non-partisan redistricting commission separate from the legislative process that will prevent the drawing of political boundaries favoring one party over another.
  • We support and will promote the ability of the average citizen to run for the New Mexico State Legislature by paying legislators a fair salary.
  • We will develop up-to-date election processes that guarantee transparency, integrity, and accountability in the voter software, equipment with archived paper ballots, and provide convenient polling sites in all tribal communities.
  • We’ll prevent the revolving door between industry and government employment by requiring a waiting period between the private and public sector, and support ranked choice voting throughout the state to make democracy more fair and functional in all elections.
  • We will fight for Net Neutrality so that all internet content is equally accessible without favoring or blocking particular content. The internet must remain open and uncensored.
  • We support a NM film industry that creates movies, TV shows, and commercials that have people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and gender identities, as reflected in the diverse demographics of our State.

All New Mexicans should be treated equally, with dignity and respect, regardless of race, color, creed, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, physical ability, cognitive ability, or age.

Unifying and keeping immigrant families intact is good for people, families and our country and border communities are some of the most culturally diverse and economically vibrant areas in our nation.

Equality and inclusion are issues that strikes at the heart of New Mexico. We find so much of our strength, our character, our culture, and our beauty from the diversity that is the lifeblood of this state. New Mexico should be a place that continues to celebrate and encourage the talented and diverse voices and perspectives of our incredible people. That means equal pay for equal work, a firm stance against harassment of any kind, and equal representation and protections for all of our citizens.

New Mexico has a healthy relationship with trade and communities across the border and realize the incredible benefit and potential it is for our economy. This is one of our greatest economic advantages. My administration will work to engage in civil dialogue with communities across the state to reach reasonable solutions together. Our relationship to the people of New Mexico is the most valuable thing we have. I’ll work hard to encourage, cultivate, and encourage the diversity that makes our state beautiful.

  • We fully support and will ensure equal employment opportunities, embrace racial and socio-economic equality and counter discrimination in hiring practices and ongoing employment, use affirmative action within academic admissions, and will continue to fight to secure equal pay for women and minorities.
  • We’ll work to expand Native American representation in state decisions that affect their communities so that we can effectively provide sufficient and meaningful resources to Native American tribes to bolster economic development and self-determination.
  • We fully support LGBTQIA protection and extension of rights, the Ban Discrimination on Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity in workplace. And we’ll extend all healthcare, legal rights, and coverage to same sex partners
  • We will ensure that all women have full and equal access, within reasonable proximity, to comprehensive healthcare and insurance, including reproductive healthcare services, cancer prevention, screening, and treatment and provide services during pregnancy and after the birth of a child, including paid maternity and family leave, affordable childcare, adoption and social support services, and protections for women against pregnancy discrimination. And we’ll finally end the backlog of processing rape kits. We will call for our political leaders to set the precedent to address any form of sexual harassment and sexual violence wherever it occurs, and to end non-disclosure agreements that silence women and others who have suffered sexual harassment and violence. Our goal is to promote civility and speak out against sexism and other forms of intolerance that have entered our political discourse.
  • We support the rights of cities to offer sanctuary to immigrant populations, will deny the use of private prisons for immigration detentions and deportations, and strongly oppose the deportations of immigrants who served in our armed forces.
  • We soundly reject attempts to privatize the VA and support full federal funding for comprehensive veteran-centric systems to fulfill our commitment to all veterans by meeting their needs upon discharge, with an emphasis on suicide prevention, employment, housing, family support, reintegration, comprehensive healthcare with timely processing of claims and appeals, and legal assistance.  
  • We fully support our constitutionally afforded rights of free speech, free press, peaceful assembly, due process, and insist that habeas corpus must be defended and upheld.
  • New Mexicans should be protected from personal and domestic violence, including emotional, mental, financial, and sexual violence, through education, law enforcement, and through the courts. Victims of these crimes deserve any and all the support they need. We will work to promote a culture of civility and speaking out against bigotry and other forms of intolerance across the state of New Mexico.
  • We will vehemently protect the Establishment Clause, which is the separation of church and state, in all local, state, and federal government institutions including the military and the public schools.
  • We’ll enact zoning ordinances whereby a portion of new development housing is set aside for low and middle-income households, called “Inclusionary Zoning,” and provide tax incentives that racially and socioeconomically desegregate new and existing neighborhoods and increase Public Housing availability. 
  • We’ll enact legislation that accurately, appropriately, and actually defines racism in the workplace, including definitions of discriminatory behaviors and adverse treatment, to increase access to legal protections for people of color and to prevent income inequality that disproportionately and negatively affects people of color in the workplace. And we’ll fight to end gender discrimination in all areas by combatting biases across economic, educational, political, and social life that hold women and girls back and limit their opportunities — tackling specific challenges facing women of color;
  • We strongly and unequivocally support a woman’s right to choose to have a child or end a pregnancy. This includes ensuring access to safe abortion services. It also includes ensuring access to services that promote a safe and healthy pregnancy and childbirth. We’ll work to end the scourge of violence against women and girls wherever it occurs — in our homes, streets, schools, military installations, or elsewhere. We condemn and will fight against human trafficking in all its forms. Further, we believe FDR’s vision of Freedom from Fear should apply equally to women so that women can live full lives without fear of gender-based violence and we fully support the Violence Against Women Act to provide law enforcement with the tools it needs to combat this problem. We’ll demand funding to Planned Parenthood health centers, which provide critical health services to millions of people and repeal the Hyde Amendment, which impedes a woman’s access to abortion.
  • The human rights of every person living or working in the United States, regardless of citizenship status, must be ensured. We’ll end targeted harassment, unlawful seizures, and other abuses of undocumented immigrants and require Border Patrol to comply with the same 4th Amendment search and seizure laws as other law enforcement agencies. We’ll require that enforcement of immigration laws be reasonable, humane, and compassionate. We’re committed to creating policies that provide immigrants a path to citizenship and promote their quality of life and oppose profiteering by privatized law enforcement and security industry in border enforcement. We’ll defend and support the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans executive actions (or similar laws) that will help DREAMers, parents of citizens, and lawful permanent residents avoid deportation and pursue a pathway to citizenship. New Mexico should not be a place where our ‘DREAMers’ – some 7,000 of them – live in fear and watch the dreams they’ve been working toward ripped away from them. New Mexico is not that place.
  • We’ll work to prevent inhumane treatment of immigrants in detention centers, challenge and reject divisive and derogatory language toward immigrants, and we strongly oppose the funding or building of The Border Wall.
  • We will work to ensure that Native American issues are represented at all levels of government, and we recognize and promise to protect tribal sovereignty and the capacity for self-governance. We’ll ensure that Indigenous People always have consistent access to clean air, land, and water as well as the ongoing, protected right to defend their natural resources, and we’ll work to restore tribal lands by continuing to streamline the land-into-trust process and recognize the right of all Tribal Nations to protect their lands, air, and waters. We support full funding of the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) in order to strengthen self-determination and enable culturally inclusive learning unique to each Tribal Nation and help recruit and re-train qualified teachers and administrators.
  • We’ll work hard to ensure that all of our veterans are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Any person, regardless of immigration status, who served and was honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces must receive citizenship upon completion of service; protection programs. We’ll ensure fair treatment for LGBTQ veterans by proactively reviewing and upgrading discharge records for veterans who were discharged because of their sexual orientation. And we are committed to addressing the scourge of military sexual assault and will increase efforts to prevent sexual assault and rape, and aggressively investigate and prosecute allegations. We’ll work to provide and improve support to care for our military family members, especially for the spouses, partners, and children who have to rebuild their lives after the loss of a loved one or life-altering injury or disability, and push for more educational benefits, job training, and protect and preserve the post-9/11 GI Bill for future generations. We’ll ensure that reservists and Guard members are treated fairly when it comes to employment, health, education benefits, deployment, and reintegration. And we strongly support closing loopholes in the for-profit college industry that exploits veterans, and support strengthening programs that help veterans choose the best educational programs possible.