Get to Know Joe Cervantes

Joe Cervantes grew up on his family’s farm in La Mesa, New Mexico where his earliest lessons took root. As a young man, he worked the fields and learned the importance of hard work, determination, and responsibility. Farm life presented many opportunities for serving others, an ethic instilled at an early age and one that informed his life decisions.

Before attending UNM Law School, Joe worked for an architectural firm building three schools in Sunland Park and Anthony, New Mexico. He understood the significance of building a foundation block by block with a single and shared vision, a value that would influence his own vision for a better New Mexico.

After law school he joined New Mexico’s largest law firm, and there tackled some of the most complex lawsuits in the state. Wanting to raise his family close to home, he returned to Doña Ana County to establish his own law firm and continues to be active in the family farm with his brother, sister and father.

While serving in both the State House and Senate Joe has successfully passed laws by working with legislators from both parties and has overcome gridlock to enact important legislation.

Joe has led the fight for transparency and accountability by passing the laws that opened the state budget process to the public, amended the State Constitution to assure greater qualifications for certain public officials, ensured Lottery profits are invested in college scholarships, and protected whistleblowers who courageously come forward to expose government wrongdoing. With the experience of his daughters attending public schools, Joe fought to increase classroom time spent teaching students and worked with educators to modernize teaching methods.

With over three decades of creating successful businesses, as Governor, Joe will build the new economies our state needs and bring opportunities to our young people by securing them promising jobs. Joe will fight the increased crime in our communities, safeguard our water and natural resources, and reinvest in the education of our future generations.

Joe’s ability to get things done has been recognized by New Mexico First and the Foundation for Open Government for his efforts to rebuild New Mexico’s economy, and to assure ethics and accountability from state government.

Joe and Jen Cervantes have been married 25 years and have raised three daughters. Two daughters currently attend UNM and their third daughter started college this past fall. Jen is an award-winning young adult author, and former Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico.