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  • Cervantes touts legislative experience in New Mexico
  • Q&A: Cervantes touts relationships, understanding of state to improve kids lives...
  • Cervantes an attorney with rural NM roots
  • Gubernatorial candidate Joe Cervantes visits Silver City
  • Gubernatorial candidate Joseph Cervantes on the environment
  • Senator Joe Cervantes Meets with AG Sessions, Border Sheriffs
  • Archbishop in New Mexico sees bigotry in Trump comments
  • New Mexico Governor Urges Cooperation on Crime, Economy
  • New Mexico Hits the High Court on the Rio Grande
  • Two Scholarships Honoring Cervantes Matriarch Support Local AG, Nursing Students
  • Family and Future Guide Cervantes’ Campaign for Governor
  • Rio Woes: Texas’ Lawsuit Against NM over the Waters of the...
  • Lynn Middle School Project Boosts Services for Kids, Families
  • Las Cruces legislator cites budget, jobs crisis for why he’s running...
  • Cervantes Jumps in to Governor's Race
  • Another Dem ready to rumble in governor’s race

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